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The discipline of Pharmacology deals with the study of drug’s mechanism of action, therapeutic effects, drug interaction etc. The Department of Pharmacology provides a vibrant and dynamic environment for conducting high quality research and teaching. Students enrolled in undergraduate degree are taught by the department in all the four years of their study. The knowledge derive from pharmacology can be use in “Pharmacy” to achieve optimal therapeutic outcome through preparation of appropriate formulation and dispensing of medicine. The department has well established animal house giving all the necessary care & facilities for hygienic housing of laboratory animals like Wistar rats and mice required for study. The laboratory is well equipped with latest instruments like sophisticated digital video tracking system, digital Plethysmometer digital, digital Actophotometer, rota-rod apparatus, digital elevated plus maze, electric convulsometer, digital analgesiometer, histamine chamber, with other routinely required instruments like digital student's organ bath and Kymograph etc, to give hands on experience in preclinical studies to the students. The major research areas of department include Phytochemical, Immunopharmacological Toxicological, Neuropsychological and behavioral studies. The department has many research publications in national and international Journals.