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We provide excellent sprawling premises, spacious, well ventilated and well equipped laboratories along with central library , classrooms, computer section with high speed internet, seminar hall, auditorium, conference hall, canteen, health care center , area for recreational activities, teaching & non-teaching staff housing and permanent campus security.


Medicinal Plants Garden & Drug Museum 

College has developed medicinal plants garden with number of aromatic and medicinal plants. Drug museum displays various dosage forms used for treatment of diseases


The library is well furnished, computerized, ventilated and well illuminated. It can accommodate more than eighty students at a time. The library has large number of books and annual membership of many pharmaceutical and related journals, e books, and e journals, national and international journals and periodicals. The library remains open till late evening hours.


Reading Hall



Thepractical exposure in pharmacy curriculum is necessary. Keeping in mind necessity of practical training in various aspects of drugs &dosage formspacious and utility oriented laboratories have been constructed. We have laboratories for Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry , Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy& Pilot Plant. The laboratories are well equipped with chemicals, glass wares, equipments, instruments and machineries, which are required for training & it add more industry & research based approach in student


Classrooms and Tutorial Rooms

The classrooms and tutorial rooms are of required standards which are provided with all facilities for teaching- learning process. Along with classical facilities like blackboard, chalk, the desk chairs etc. and other facilities are also provided viz. LCD projectors, OHP , etc., which are at par with modern designs standards of virtual class room. It boosts presentation skill and provides best suitable environment for the discussions and debate. Power back up facility is provided for all the classroom

Computer Center

Computer Center

The computer center has adequate number of terminals with internet facility, power backup and necessary educational software’s for students. A minimum of twenty students can easily work in the laboratory at a time.

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